Karma Mobility Embraces Bitcoin

Karma Mobility, a leader in mobile internet technology, announces the acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment method beginning with the Karma Black shipments on January 15th.  Karma Black is the first WiFi hotspot and Personal Security Appliance designed with cryptocurrency in mind.


“Anonymity is key to any cryptocurrency and that is what Karma Black delivers.” Says Todd Wallace, Karma Mobility CEO.  Mr. Wallace continued, “Our new Karma Black product is designed to prevent companies and agencies from capturing and tracking your online activities.  We have chosen to stand with citizens who disagree with the new FCC views on privacy and ‘Net Neutrality’.  ‘Going Dark’ is the Karma Black slogan.  It is a not-so-subtle reference to undercover operations and the ability to take actions without being observed by unintended onlookers."


Owners of Bitcoin should never perform cryptocurrency transactions ‘in the open’ or in an unsecure and unencrypted environment.  The local nature of the Bitcoin ‘block chain’ means that the devices being used to perform transactions should be treated as banks more than communication devices.  Bitcoin users should never use an unsecured public WiFi to hop on and make a purchase or trade currency.  With a 2.3 ounce Karma Black in your pocket, you and up to 7 of your friends can be invisible while surfing and using your new online gold.  “It is a simple matter of taking the currency seriously and realizing that there are people out there that will capitalize on your mistakes… literally.” says Mr. Wallace.


Karma Mobility is completely committed to the ideals of online freedom and the right to privacy.  Mr. Wallace concluded, “It is very important for people to understand that the FCC now allows the sale of information about where you go online, what you do and where you are.  It is quite strange that it takes a warrant to listen to your phone calls but your internet traffic can be bought and sold by anyone. We are in this fight with our customers.”


Karma Mobility will announce, in the coming weeks, shipping features that will further extend the privacy model championed by cryptocurrency fans to the final mile… anonymous shipping.

About Karma

Karma was founded to create a future where internet access is ubiquitous, blurring the lines between internet at home, and internet elsewhere. We are devoted to making sure you never have to worry about getting online and created Future Facts of a Wireless World to communicate how that will happen in the next ten years.

Karma launched its first generation pocket-sized WiFi in 2012 and its second generation, Karma Go, in September 2014. Karma Go offers nationwide coverage so you can bring WiFi with you everywhere.

Karma is based in Irving, Texas