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IRVING, TX – 02 Aug, 2017 – KarmaGO is GOing Dark

Karma Mobility, a provider of reliable mobile WiFi data services delivered through our best-in-class LTE/3G/2G hotspot platform, today announces a new hotspot product focused on the growing security needs of our customers.

On March 23rd of this year, The US Senate voted to eliminate the FCC regulations that prevent Internet providers from selling customer information to advertisers and other companies. The Senate 50 to 48 vote will remove these long-standing user protections allowing for the distribution of surfing patterns to the highest bidders.

The Karma response? Karma Black.

Karma Black, a specialized version of our popular KarmaGO hotspot, will provide state-of-the-art security features to allow for anonymous secure browsing to protect against online data collection and behavior tracking. Karma Black will provide anonymous browsing (Tor), integrated Virtual Private Network (VPN), black listing and ad blocking on our new Karma connected device. Karma Black encrypts your web activity, hides your physical location, hides your identity and provides an additional layer of protection against threats such as invasive advertising, malware and viruses. Karma Black is like an invisibility cloak for our customers who are surfing public internet anywhere they go.

Karma has been working behind the scenes for months on our new Black product. Platform upgrades including new partner services and application will be announced soon outlining the full breadth of the offering. A hardware upgrade program will also be announced allowing existing KarmaGo customers to take advantage of the new power of Black. As always, Karma offers “no contract” and aggressive data rates keeping your surfing costs as low as possible. Karma’s Drift and Pulse services allow users to buy data at the levels that fit their life styles.

“Karma is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers, even in the face of these regulatory challenges. Getting or staying “off the grid”, in terms of surfing the public internet, is more and more important to people who believe that being online should not mean giving up their right to lawful private activity.” Said Todd Wallace, CEO of Karma Mobility. “Karma Black has been engineered to create anonymity for users surfing on devices connected through our market proven mobile hotspot. Whether at home, in a care, in a dorm or in the park, Karma Black will protect you from prying eyes and hungry advertisers.”

Availability of the Karma Black hotspot is scheduled for September 2017. Additional announcements on partnerships and distribution will be released this month.

About Karma:

Karma Mobility began in 2012 with one simple idea: everyone should be able to get online, everywhere they go. Karma introduced the first peer-to-peer WiFi device that allows users to pay-as-they-go, with no contracts, and is made for sharing. Today Karma is the choice for people on the go who travel for work and leisure, or need an extra connection as a backup or for special circumstances. Karma continues to disrupt the WiFi with innovations like the best in market priced DRIFT pay as you go plan. Visit yourkarma.com for more information. Along with our plans, our mobile hotspot Karma GO is available for purchase at: https://yourkarma.com/wifi/pricing/

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